First Aid Training

First Aid at Work

Health & Safety approved 3 day First Aid at Work Course.  A must for all designated FAW First Aiders in the work place.  We also offer the FAW 1 day re-qualification course. Provided by an experienced trainer.  £180 - 3 day,  £80 - 1 day requal.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Health & Safety approved 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work Course.  Ideal for those that require the EFAW, such as smaller companies, youth organisations, charity workers etc. £100

Basic Life Support & AED (defibrillator)

A Basic Cpr and First Aid Training Course, of 4-6 hours including CPR.  Add on the AED component and learn how to safely use public access automated defibrillators.  £80 

Why not add it to your mental health first aid training?


For that all important "what if" situation.  Learning to recognise those all important signs of an allergic reaction, and when it becomes the more serious Life Threatening Anaphylaxis. You will gain the skills to be able to treat allergic reactions and safely administer Life Saving EpiPen/Adrenaline. £60

Paediatric First Aid

This course is aimed at those working both professionally or voluntarily with children of all ages. 1 day basic and the full 2 day course available for schools & professional organisations. 

£60 - 1 day,  £100 - 2 day.

Bespoke Courses

Missions First Aid

This one day course is a must for all those wanting to serve overseas, Charity, Volunteer or  Mission.  This course not only equips and prepares the student for handling those emergencies and minor first aid needs themselves, their team & those they serve, but also provides essential advice on Health & Wellbeing whilst abroad. Missions First Aid. £80

Holiday First Aid

A Basic level, 4 hour course to provide Essential skills for you, your family and friends. This course will provide all the skills needed to treat those minor first aid needs, including bites and stings, or provide potential Life Saving Skills for those more serious emergencies. It also covers those essential questions of "what do I need to take away with me"?   £40 

Drivers First Aid

A basic but essential course, 4 hours. in this course we learn all the basic and essential first aid skills, but also Life Saving actions to maintain the safety of ourselves and others. £40

Family First Aid

An essential must for all families. For all generations.  What happens, if baby chokes, or grandma falls? Learn in this 6 hour course, everything from the basic assessments to essential first aid skills. What to do and who to contact, when needed. £50

Fees & Bookings

Contact us now to check our course availability or, to discuss your needs, whether a group/family, business, voluntary organisation or individual.  Whether it is HSE first aid training, or infant CPR, in Swansea, Cardiff and South Wales.   Discounts/day rates for Group bookings.