Executive Coaching

Health & Life Coaching

With years of experience in the healthcare profession advising patients, families and friends about health and lifestyles, I now find more and more people are confused to all the advice/plans/books out there.   We offer sensible, practical advice, tailored specifically to You, your coaching search and Your circumstances, with life coaching & executive coaching skills.

Communication & Presentation Skills

In a World of technology, social media, many people, business, students and families find it hard to communicate.  We at Almega Services have years of practice, training and experiences, allowing us to be come experts in communication.  No one is perfect, but we can help your business to perform better with it's customers, equip staff to communicate more effectively with clients. We can assist the nervous executive/student/intern with a first time presentation.  we can help you succeed, with our coaching skills services.

Spiritual Coaching

Many people realise that life is more than the mortal physical body.  With years studying religion, preaching in the churches of Wales, I have realised so many people have questions, need guidance/mentorship and don't know where to go for help.  As a Life Coach, we don't provide answers, or spiritual health but help You find Your path.  Your spiritual destiny is in Your hands, through our coaching skills we simply facilitate a smoother journey.